Class & Camp Registration

Current Openings: Fall enrollment is now open to new students. Classes with open seats are posted below. Please contact staff at for more information on seat openings and wait lists.

Tuition: Click here to view the current pricing scale before discounts. Tuition is based on the duration of each class and the number of weeks purchased. 

Gift Certificates: Contact our office to receive a unique promo code, which can be used in the checkout stage of online registration. The code will reimburse you for the dollar value of the credits on your certificate.

Early Enrollment Discount: Enroll 30+ days before the the start of a workshop series and save 10% on class or camp tuition. This offer is automatically deducted from online purchases.

Family Discount: Save 5% on tuition by enrolling 2+ family members at a time. Use the promo code family5 when you check out. Family discounts can be combined with early enrollment discounts.

Multiple Enrollment Discount: Students who sign up for two or more weekly classes or summer art camps can save 5% on tuition. Enter the promo code multi5 to apply this discount to online enrollment.​

Deposits: Customers can reserve seats in 4+ class or camp periods by putting a deposit down in advance. Deposits for 4+ weekly classes are $50 ( promo code classdeposit ), and $100 for 4+ camp days ( promo code campdeposit ); the remaining tuition is due on the first day of your reservation. Deposits are not refundable if a reservation is cancelled.